Best VPS For Forex Trading

Best VPS For Forex TradingCurrency or forex market is the biggest financial market in the world with a daily trading volume in excess of $5 trillion. Trading currencies, therefore, is lucrative and traders do not want to part with their hard-earned money for anything else. However, investing a little bit of money on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) goes a long way in safeguarding traders’ interests. This keeps them safe and secure so that they can focus more on their trading activities.

A VPS can come in handy for forex traders who are on the lookout for a reliable server to employ automated trading. In fact, a good VPS solution offers traders several benefits in terms of stability, security, flexible resources and speed. With a VPS, automated trading can continue to run even if there is a power failure at the trader’s home or office and even when he/she is sleeping. Of course, some features that are important to owners of websites may not be relevant for a trader who wants to use a VPS for forex trading.

How To Choose The Best VPS For Forex Trading

Further, forex traders are not required to invest in large amounts of disk space, but his/her system should have RAM as well as transfer allowance. Moreover, price traders pay for the service is also to be considered as it does not make sense to shell out a lot of money. Therefore, traders should work with the best forex VPS provider in order to reap the benefits of currency trading. Here is some information on how to choose the best VPS for forex trading.

Location of the datacenter(s) of the VPS provider

Location of the datacenter(s) of the VPS provider is an important factor to be considered. This is because it impacts the speed of execution of your orders. One of the key advantages of using a VPS for Forex trading is the speed it offers. This means that exposure to slippage can be significantly reduced. Speed is important, especially when trading is carried out during high-volume times.

Security and maintenance

Security and maintenance do only include features such as firewalls, but also round the clock monitoring to make sure high levels of uptime. Maintenance helps to prevent any unexpected interruptions.

Consider various security options

Best VPS providers charge reasonable fees and ensure timely service. They will also ensure the availability of superior security systems and several ways of customizing traders’ experience. Irrespective of the fee that traders pay for the VPS, best providers of the service are likely to offer one of the following:


This proprietary system and control panel which helps to create multiple isolated containers is made use of host a VPS. Virtuozzo is extensively employed by Linux as well as Windows users. It provides the administrators with a classy control panel and individual users with their own “Power Panel” consisting of a more limited set of functions.


Open Virtuozzo or OpenVZ is a virtualization technology that works at the operating system-level for Linux. It enables a physical server to operate multiple isolated operating system instances, referred to as containers or virtual private servers (VPSs). This container-based virtualization technology that creates multiple isolated containers is considered to be ideal when it comes to forex trading.


Xen, a free virtual machine software, works best with most CPUs. It makes use of para-virtualization.

Microsoft Hyper-V

This is a hypervisor-based technology. It allows users to operate the VPS without any kind of interference from other resource-intensive services.

Pre-installed helpful software or the ability to install applications as per your requirement

Traders should find out as to whether the provider of VPS for forex is offering helpful pre-installed software or would, at least, allow them to install software of their choice. Such application software would include traders’ forex trading platform, charting software and other automated applications that they need to obtain signal service or place orders. Free trading tools like expert advisors can help traders to improve their returns from forex trading.

Great customer service

When choosing the best VPS for forex trading, customer service offered by the provider is another important aspect to be considered. It is important that the VPS provider ensures availability of customer service 24/7/365 and offers service through the telephone, email and live chat so that an executive readily available whenever their service is needed. This is because non-resolution of issues in a timely manner can cause a great deal of monetary damage to traders.

Ideally, traders should choose the best forex VPS provider after carrying out a comparative study of the customer services offered by at least 3 to 4 providers. This is because the trader’s hard-earned money is at stake and it is important to communicate with someone to sort out issues when they arise. After evaluating their customer services capabilities, traders can decide to work with one provider that they deem fit.

Consider the price

All forex VPS providers are not the same. Some are very expensive, while some others are relatively less expensive. When traders evaluate the prices quoted by VPS providers, one aspect they need to keep in mind is that price does not necessarily equate to the quality of service they offer. Often, best forex VPS providers charge competitive prices compared to others. At the end of the day, what matters is what traders need for trading purposes. If the shortlisted VPS providers are capable of meeting all the needs at reasonable prices, then one that offers the best price must be considered.

Try and achieve separation

Finally, it is important to keep in mind the fact that traders will be sharing a number of computer resources with others even when they are working with the best providers of VPS for forex trading. When involving in forex trading in an active market, it is good to have the separation capability. Therefore, traders should look for forex VPS providers that offer not only top notch performance, but also convenient separation from other users, resources and programs. It is, therefore, a good idea to try out some forex VPS providers prior to deciding to work with one that offers best forex VPS.